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Michael J Mawdsley

Selected artist profile information for this contemporary South African Sculptor
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Sculptor Michael J Mawdsley
Michael J Mawdsley

About Michael J Mawdsley

Michael J Mawdsley is a highly skilled and talented sculptor of considerable experience and succcess. Michael`s sculptural work to date covers the triad of African Wildlife, the Human Form and Local Flora. The whole process of taking a basic idea through to clay maquette through to a finished bronze is what challenges and satisfies him.
Sculptor Michael J Mawdsley
Michael and his crew

Exhibition History of Michael J Mawdsley

National Heritage Project - Bloemfontein, South Africa
Cire Perdue Art - Montecasino Ballroom Gallery - Johannesburg, South Africa
Blou Donki Gallery - Clarens, South Africa
V and A Waterfront - Cape Town, South Africa

Commission - Dalasile (National Heritage Project)

Biography / CV of Michael J Mawdsley

Michael John Mawdsley was born in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe (then called Rhodesia) and grew up in Durban, South Africa. Trained as a goldsmith, Michael spent over 25 years working as a jeweller creating fine pieces, before taking his experience gained in this industry to pursue his ultimate passion... to work with bronze.

Michael finds the bronze art form ultimately more challenging and stimulating. He has real heart for South Africa, and this is more than evident in the stunning work he produces. Today he is one of South Africa`s top celebrated bronze sculptors. Many collectors travel to the beautiful mountains in the Natal Midlands, where Michael now resides and works.

His incredible talent resulted in him being selected as one of a few artists commissioned by celebrity Dali Tambo (son of stalwart Oliver Tambo) for the National Heritage Project - a five year project zoned for public display in a Nature Reserve in South Africa and funded by the SA Department of Arts and Culture. This project features various life-sized bronze statues of struggle veterans and freedom fighters, dating from the 1600`s to 1994, all standing in a winding procession called "The Long March to Freedom". Michael has so far completed two statues for this project, i.e. Mzilikazi and Dalasile.

Michael has received numerous commissions for sculptures.

Commission - Mzilikazi (National Herita

Acquisitions / Collections of work by Michael J Mawdsley

Some of the human form sculptures make up a limited edition series that Michael created after a prolonged study of the local football team (and supporters) in Lidgetton Valley, close to where Michael lives. These works especially delighted collectors when the World Cup Soccer was held in South Africa.

Public Works of Michael J Mawdsley

"Dalasile" - National Heritage Project (The Long March to Freedom)
"Mzilikazi" - National Heritage Project (The Long March to Freedom)

Price Range of Work

Michael J Mawdsley's work has a price range from £197 to £4,627

Commissioning Work

This artist accepts commissions.

Mediums utilised

Michael J Mawdsley's work is found in the following materials:

Artwork Categorised

Michael J Mawdsley's work is found in the following categories on site:
African Animal and Wildlife Sculptures (12)
Wild Animals and Wild Life Sculptures (8)
Interior, Indoors, Inside Sculpture (7)
Tabletop Desktop Small Indoor Statuettes Figurines Sculptures (7)
Sculptures of Sport in General (6)
Footballers Football Players Soccer Players sculpture statue statuettes (5)
Small Animal Sculptures (5)
Aspirational / Inspirational Sculptures or Statues (4)
Wild Bird Sculptures (4)
Commission and Custom and Bespoke sculpture Statues (4)
Male Men Youths Masculine Statues Sculptures statuettes figurines (4)
Rhino and Rhinoceros Hippo and Hippopotamus sculpture statue statuette (3)
Teenagers Sculptures statuettes Portraits figurines commissions etc (3)
Cats Wild and Big Cats Sculpture (3)
Historical Character Statues / Sculptures (3)
Children Child Babies Infants Toddlers Kids Sculptures Statues statuettes figurines (3)
Endangered Animal Species Sculptures (3)
Small bird Sculptures (3)
Predators Carnivores Hunters Flesh Eaters Sculptures Statues statuettes carvings (3)
Children Playing Sculptures or Statues or statuettes (2)
Small Game fish like Trout Salmon Grayling and Other Angling Fish (2)
Public Park or Urban Landscape or Corporate sculpture / Fountain / Sratuary (2)
Fresh Water Fish sculpture statue statuettes (2)
Animal and Human Love sculpture or Statues (2)
Commemoratives and Memorials Sculptures (2)
Animal Birds Fish Busts or Heads or Masks or Trophies For Sale or Commission (2)
Field Sports, Game Birds and Game Animals Sculptures (2)
Elephants (Pachederms) Sculptures, African, Indian, Sumatran (2)
Public Art Sculpture (2)
Varietal Mix of Bird Sculptures or Statues (2)
Human Figurative Sculptures (2)
Aquatic Sculptures Fish / Shells / Sharks / Seals / Corals / Seaweed (2)
Animals and Birds in Repose Resting Sleeping Lying (2)
Young Animals including Cubs Calfs Kittens Foals Yearlings Lambs Fawns Pupies Pups Joeys Young sculpture Statues statuettes
Humorous Witty Amusing Lighthearted Fun Jolly Whimsical Sculptures Statues statuettes figurines
Ornamental Birds sculpture or Statues
Jewellery Inspired by Sculpture
Lifelike Realistic Human sculpture
Golf Sculptures
Birds Feeding Sculptures Statues statuettes
Cats Sculpture
Dogs Sculpture
Horse Sculpture / Equines Race Horses Pack HorseCart Horses Plough Horsess
Variety of Emotional feelings depicted in Sculptures
Animal Memento happy Reminder sculpture statue statuette
Champions Sculptures Statues statuettes figurines
Proud of Pride In Self Confidence sculpture statue statuette
Adult with Young Animal Bird, Reptile or Amphibian, Fish Statues
Celebrity and Star Sculptures
Military, Soldiers, Sailors, Marines Airmen and Military Equipment
Wedding Anniversary Gift or Present Sculptures Statues statuettes
Animals and Humans Sculptures, Statues and Statuettes
Indoor Inside Interior Abstract Contemporary Modern Sculpture / statue / statuette / figurine
Spiritual sculpture
Birds of Prey / Raptors Sculptures
Cattle, Kine, Cows, Bulls, Buffalos, Bullocks, Heifers, Calves, Oxen, Bison, Aurocks, Yacks
Domestic Animal Sculpture
Sign of the Zodiac
Horses Small, for Indoors and Inside Display Statues statuettes Sculptures figurines commissions commemoratives
Animals and Birds at Play Sculptures Statues
Dogs Hounds Bitches Puppies Sporting and Racing
Sculptural Jewellery
Sea Birds Seagulls Sea Eagles Albatrosses Gannets etc. Sculptures
Famous People Sculptures Statues
Birds in Flight, Birds Flying Sculptures or Statues
Meditation sculpture / Statues / statuettes / figurines
Game Birds including Pheasant Capercaillie Partridge Black Cock Ptarmigan Grouse Sculpture
Precious Metal Precious stone Sculpture Statue Ornament Figurine Statuette
Shoal of Fish Pod of Dolphins Whales Porpoises Sculptures Statues
Playground Art Fantasy or Cartoon Statues Sculptures
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"The problem of contemporary sculpture and the garden is one which has rankled in my mind for years. It is usually resolved through a process of inversion-that is turning it into sculpture in the garden as against garden sculpture. By that I mean the sculptor takes over the garden as an open exhibition gallery, of which the focus is their creation, to which the world of nature merely provides the frame.The Idea that sculpture is a contributory element to an overall'mise en scene',in which, sometimes its role may be incedental rather than central, has been lost.In this we have seen the betrayall of the great tradition of garden sculpture, one which was unashamed at being decorative or delightful."
Sir Roy Strong
Customer comment on 'Solitaire I (Bronze nude Naked Sitting Girl statue)' by J Anne Butler
Dear Anne, Ray and Peter,

Solitaire finally just arrived to me: it is magnificent! Thank you very much to Anne for this work of art of a rare sensibility. The patina is wonderful! And the base mounted on ball bearing is very ingenious!

I made her breathe the air of the garden after such a long journey she wanted to recover a beauty!

In any case, thank you Anne and Ray for this extraordinary packaging thanks to which it arrived at goo... [Read more]

Mr T. Michel, France.